Join us at EAS on Monday, November 17th from 9:00am to 4:00pm in the DAVIS ROOM for two workshop sessions:

Morning Session from 9:00am to 12:00pm

Infrared & Raman Microspectroscopy in the Pharmaceutical World - Thomas J Tague Jr, Ph.D. Bruker Optics

Mid-IR spectroscopy is the best analytical tool for identifying unknown compounds and single point infrared microscopy can be rapidly employed for the identification of unknown contaminants as well as the analysis of competitor products.  This is true because each molecule has its own “fingerprint” signature in the middle infrared region of the spectrum.  Contaminants as small as a few microns can be readily characterized visually providing the physical characterization of the object of interest followed by infrared microanalysis. 

For example, a tablet can be readily analyzed by performing a quick map followed by a simple factor analysis.  Each resultant factor represents a unique component with its corresponding distribution image.  Full field infrared imaging can also be employed to expedite the acquisition, where ~4,000 spectra/s are obtained.  This simple process yields the number of excipients and active ingredient(s) as well as the distribution. 

Infrared microscopy can also be used to monitor the induced effect on tissue after the metabolic process.  The metabolized drug can be monitored for location in tissue visually using fluorescence illumination and the induced changes in tissue can then be determined by analysis of the corresponding infrared response of the tissue. 

Raman microanalysis is ideally suited for polymorphic analysis as well as confocal depth profiling of coatings.  Spectral differences between polymorphs, that are chemically identical but differ in physical makeup, can be readily characterized using Raman microscopy.  Additionally, confocal depth profiling can be rapidly employed for characterizing multilayered polymer films without needing to cross section the sample.


Afternoon Session from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Latest Instrumentation Development of FT-NIR products and overview of typical applications for QC and PAT purposes - Yan Wang, Ph.D. Bruker Optics

The current presentation is focused on the latest development of FT-Near IR instruments, with updated info on the recent progress on instrument innovation and new products. An overview is presented for various applications for materials identification; conformity test of samples; and quantization of key attributes of samples in different industries: ranging from chemical, pharmaceutical, as well as food, feed, agricultural products. The analysis purpose is for both QC/QA programs and PAT applications.

Depending upon the application interest for offline, at-line, on/in line for different sample forms of liquids, semi-liquids, and solids, Bruker has recommendation on the selection different FT-Near IR spectrometers, and accessories, software functions, for meet the analytical requirement.

Examples will be presented on typical application cases for different industries with the FT-Near IR spectroscopy technology. Data, libraries, and quant calibration models will be presented for typical applications. An interactive discussion with the audience is our focus for this seminar, addressing customized application interest.

Participants are encouraged to bring samples for both workshops during the hands on sessions.

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