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BOPT 2014

FT-NIR spectroscopy acknowledged as standard method for rapid screening of frying fats and oils

The most important parameters of oxidation and polymerization during the frying process can be determined simultaneously by FT-NIR, making it a fast and reliable tool for companies and health authorities alike to check the degree of degradation.

This was acknowledged by the DGF who issued the Standard Method "FT-NIR Spectroscopy: Screening analysis of used frying fats and oils for rapid determination of polar compounds, polymerized triacylglycerols, acid value and anisidine value [(DGF C-VI 21a (13)]" in September 2013.

A poster summing up the results was presented at the EuroFedLipid conference in November 2013 in Antalya, Turkey.

VERTEX 70 with New Wide-Range MIR-FIR Beamsplitter

For the entry level R&D FT-IR spectrometer VERTEX 70 the new ultra wide-range MIR-FIR beamsplitter is available with the very price attractive package W240/B. It offers the unique feature to cover the spectral range from 6000 cm-1 to 130 cm-1 in one go for Transmittance, Reflectance and ATR measurements. Learn more.

Defects and contaminations in manufactured products analyzed by FT-IR microscopy

Defects that cause failure of industrial products are often too small to be accessible with standard FT-IR spectroscopy. Modern FT-IR microscopes allow the analysis of sample areas down to about 5 µm at an extreme comfortable workflow. Application note AN101 shows the identification of a contamination in a plastic product. The flyer Quality Control and Failure Analysis of Plastics highlights the benefit of ALPHA and LUMOS for manufacturers of plastics.

Investigation of liquids, pastes and gels with the compact ALPHA FT-IR Spectrometer

For the quantitative and qualitative analysis of liquids, pastes and gels with the ALPHA a new sampling module is available. This multi reflection ATR Quicksnap sampling module provides a horizontal ATR crystal from ZnSe with 6 reflections and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. For more details see its product note.

High sample throughput FT-Raman measurements of samples in GC-vials

A new FT-Raman sample changer with 100 positions is available which is designed to be exchanged against the standard sample compartment of the stand-alone FT-Raman spectrometer MultiRAM or FT-Raman module RAMII. The high sample throughput in combination with fully automated software control by OPUS/LAB allows for rapid qualitative as well as quantitative analysis. For more details see its product note.

Sample stage for FT-Raman analysis of samples in bottles

A new FT-Raman sample stage with bottle holder enables to analyze samples in large bottles directly without the need to open these. Measurements can be performed in the standards sample compartment of the stand-alone FT-Raman spectrometer MultiRAM or FT-Raman module RAMII. For more details see its product note.

UHV-FT-IR article in the journal "Spectroscopy"

The scientific journal "Spectroscopy" has published the special issue "FT-IR Technology for Today's Spectroscopists" in August 2013 which reports an innovative UHV-FT-IR apparatus combining a Bruker VERTEX 80v spectrometer and a UHV-system for high sensitive analysis of functional surfaces. Read here the complete article.

Scientific Posters

The following five scientific posters have been accepted by the ICAVS scientific committee:


Analysis of Polymer Coatings and Laminates by automated FT-IR Microscopy.



FT-IR Spectroscopy in Ultrahigh Vacuum: Surface Science Approach for Understanding
Reactions on Catalytic Oxide Powders.



New Ultra-Wide Range MIR-FIR Beamsplitter.



A New Accessory for the High Sensitivity Analysis of Ultrathin Layers on Silicon Wafers.



Applications on Metamaterials and Reflection Unit for Electrochemical Applications.


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